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    The 2014 North America & Europe Best Practice Competition provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams who are responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices in their respective companies.

    As an e-commerce professional, you are cordially invited to share your best operational and managerial practices, e-commerce experiences, trading skills, and any other initiatives that you have used within your company. You will also have a chance to learn from other successful professionals as well.

    Benefits of Participating

    To help you to identify what you do well and then enable individuals and teams to obtain recognition for their outstanding work.
    To create a high level of motivation and enthusiasm by encouraging staff to review work practices and whether they are at a best practice level.
    To obtain feedback on how your company's practice can be improved and sustained.
    To develop a forward-thinking culture in your company to continuously pursues best practices.
    To build awareness of your company's innovation and effective work practices.

    Format and Timeline

    The competition takes place in two rounds.
    Round 1: Your Best Practices
    Closing deadline: 6:00pm, December 18, 2014
    Participants are required to describe their best practices in detail. Only 1 Best Practice Competition entry per organization is allowed.
    A panel of judges will assess the entries by January 5, 2015 and notify the top 20 entries that reach the required standard to progress to Round 2 using online voting.
    Round 2: Online Voting (Qualifiers)
    Voting period: January 8-23, 2015
    Qualified entries will be published on Alibaba.com and would be open for voting by Alibaba.com members.
    The final top 3 entries will be assessed by a panel of judges. Votes gained from the online voting system will also be taken into account.
    The top 3 winners for the Best Practice Competition will be announced on February 6, 2015.

    Judging panel

    The judging panel has been organized through the Alibaba.com Global Suppliers Development Management team. Each judge has a wealth of experience in the area in which they are presiding.



    A Certification of Appreciation will be awarded to the top 20 entries that qualify for Round 2 of the online voting system.
    The top 3 winners will get an Alibaba.com trophy and get a chance to have a product promoted for 2 weeks on Alibaba.com. Also the top 3 winners will get a chance to be a guest tutor at one of Alibaba.com's Online Training courses.
    It's suggested that you to use text in your submission as well as your personal photo.
    Submit the your best practice to event@member.alibaba.com 6:00pm on December 18, 2014


    Please submit your entry to the North America & Europe Best Practice Competition by 6:00pm on December 18, 2014. You will receive a notification on whether your entry has qualified for round 2 of online voting by January 5, 2015.

    20 entries that qualify will be published at our Forum for 'Online Voting' from November December 19, 2014. At the same time, these entries will be awarded with an e-Certification of Appreciation..

    If you have any questions please email: event@member.alibaba.com

    Complete the Entry Form to enter the North America & Europe Best Practice Competition
    Describe your best practice - this best practice may relate to a managerial/operational practices, e-commerce experiences/trading skills or any other initiatives within your company.

    Here are a few examples of best practices that you may find useful:


    1. Describe the Best Practice (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    Is it an operational or managerial practice? E-commerce experience? Trading skills or any other new initiative? How was it designed and implemented? How important is it to your company? How many staff members and/or buyers does it affect?
    2. Level of deployment (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    Is the practice used throughout your whole company or just for some departments? How well is it understood and applied by the relevant staff members? How long has it been deployed?
    3. Innovation (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    What is innovative about this practice? Is it a new practice? Is it a practice that you gradually improved over time? Or is it an idea or practice that you adapted from another company or department?
    4. Best Practice performance (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    Describe the non-financial benefits. For example, increased motivation or satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, greater productivity, less complaints) and the financial benefits if available (e.g. the amount of money saved, the percentage increase in revenue etc.) that have resulted from implementing the practice.
    5. Best Practice evidence (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    Has the practice been validated as the ideal 'Best' practice? For example, was it adapted from another company? Have you compared the practice and its performance against this company? Have you received any recognition or award for the practice? And do you believe it is a good/best practice based on your own experience?
    6. Review/next steps planned (Min 200 characters including spaces)
    How will the best practice be sustained or evolve in the future? Please describe what are your plans for making sure that the best practices are correctly used by all your employees in the future.