Notice: If you have a US checking account, click to add bank account & verify now to enjoy one-step online payments!
Why Choose e-Checking?
Similar to online T/T payment
Transaction fee fixed at US $15
100% Payment protection
How Does e-Checking Work?
I have verified my bank account:
I have not yet verified my bank account:


    About e-Checking

  • Who can use e-Checking?
    e-Checking is available to buyers with checking accounts from any bank in the United States.
  • If my account verification fails, will the money that I attempted to pay to the seller be sent to Alibaba?
  • Can I remove a bank account?
    Yes. You can remove an account before or after the authorization process, but not during.
  • After completing payment authorization and bank account verification, when will the funds arrive in my supplier鈥檚 account?
    It typically takes 4-5 working days upon completion of payment for the payment to be processed. If the bank fails to authorize the transaction, the payment will be cancelled. will notify you and your supplier by email.


  • When will I receive the request to complete account verification?
    Typically a verification email will arrive 1-2 working days after you submitted your bank account information.
  • Where can I find the money transferred for account verification?
    You can find the transfer record in your bank account.
  • Can I choose e-Checking to authorize for an order when the bank account is not yet verified?
  • Will my seller be able to see that I have completed verification?