• International trade operations can benefit greatly from a variety of activities such as optimizing digital product displays and designing a user friendly website. These activities can often be time and resource-intensive which many businesses find challenging to manage themselves.
  • Alibaba.com now offers businesses a leading online platform for professional and experienced third-party service providers: the Global Trade Services marketplace. You can choose your desired service and place orders from among the many Alibaba.com contracted service providers.
Category 1: Display Products & Improve Listing Ranking
Online businesses need a diverse selection of quality products to attract buyers. Without adequate products and selection, few businesses can attract buyers.Quality product listings will help you gain more out of your membership on Alibaba.


  1. 100% working strategies to rank our clients product on the top of Alibaba search engine
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Category 2: Alibaba Website Design Service
Your Alibaba minisite is like the storefront of a physical store - a compelling and attractive display will improve the experience of buyers visiting your site.
Make the most of your minisite – have it designed by one of the following professional design service providers.


  1. We are having 14+ year experience in providing services of Print and Web Media all over the world on different professional platforms like Elance and Design Crowd etc.
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1.What is this Global Trade Services market for?
Global Trade Services marketplace is a one-stop services platform where international trade related services from Alibaba contracted third–party service providers will be offered and sold. It aims to provide complete services related to the international trade in a more professional and efficient way, so as to help Alibaba supplier members improve the online business.
2. Are these service providers (ISVs) reliable?
These service providers are all verified and authenticated by our contracted third-party verification company, and have also passed standard credit checks.
3.How to place orders from the service providers?
Please find the order information in each service providers’ detailed introduction page, and follow the steps to place orders.
4.Is it free or charged?
All the services from this Global Trade Service platform offered by the service providers are charged and the prices are in the solely discretion of the market and service providers themselves.
Rules & Regulations