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1) If you are in a store and intend to take the merchandise with you immediately, then cash, check or charge is acceptable and reasonably safe.

2) If ordering something through the mail or online, credit card or escrow (AliEscrow) depending upon the value of the merchandise.

3) If dealing with international trade (thousands of pieces or thousands of pounds), a Letter of Credt which is a form of escrow is common.

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In my view point, i am to illustrate this question in two aspects.
If, I were a buyer, i will firstly clarify what is my driver for buying one product. For example, when i am deciding to buy a TV, quality will go for the first place and then the price. Cos I might use this TV for the rest of my life time. So, if I were convinced by the quality, then there should be a extended room on the moneywise. But while i am deciding to buy consumer products, like paper cup for a picnic with a crowed of my friends. then the driver will be price, so, low price will be prefered instead of the quality. Read All
Alibaba Logistics is a one-stop logistics solution platform for orders of all types and sizes. The service covers sample orders, trial orders and small through large quantities. Alibaba leverages its extensive trade capacity to lower the cost and simplify the transaction process.
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Question 4
Yes, some company ( only wholesale, not retain) only accept TT payment ( as my formal company). because they don't open stroe on alibaba, so don't have this kind of account.

It is ok if you revified it and check its export record is good.

Don't forget to make a control. if anything, you can have evidence. Read All
If the foreign manufacturer of the item has made an agreement with the patent holder - and can prove it to you, you are most likely in the clear.
But it is up to you to make sure. A very good way is to contact the patent holder directly and ask them if there is such an agreement in place. Often, the item has been ripped off and there is no such agreement, or if there is, the agreement may exclude some countries so that the holder can exclusively sell his product in at least those places. Read All