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    How It Works

    Getting started in global sourcing has never been easier.

    Alibaba.com provides the services and support you need for every step of the journey. With tools to identify business partners you can trust, you can relax and get on with doing business.

  • Find

    You have 2 ways to get what you want on Alibaba.com - find it yourself or let them find you.
    Even with hundreds of millions of products, it's simple to get started.

    1.Find Products & Suppliers


    Our searchbar lets you look for products, buyers or suppliers.

    Just enter a product you'd like to stock, a component you could source more efficiently, an area you're interested in or a supplier name.

    Browse Categories

    Need inspiration or ideas? Browse our categories for something that catches your eye...

    2.Let Suppliers Find You

    For a choice of quotations from suppliers who can deliver, the best way is AliSourcePro service.

    Post a 1-minute Buying Request to tell them what you need. They'll prepare the details of what they offer. Alibaba.com will select the best-matching quotations and give you tools to compare or order samples.

    You'll be in a strong position to open negotiations.

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    You'll find secure online transactions, instant prices and 3-day dispatch at Wholesale.

    A revolution in online sourcing, Wholesale is the world's biggest online wholesale platform.

    Payment on Wholesale is protected by Alibaba.com's Secure Payment Service.

    • Contacting Suppliers

      When you see something that interests you, it's time to start the conversation. Using our tools is the easiest way to save your communication history on Alibaba.com.

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    • Stay Safe

      Look out for badges that identify verified suppliers. These indicate different levels of verification:  Alibaba.com or independent companies have performed documented inspections of these companies.

      You can also choose Gold Suppliers, including by their number of years trading on Alibaba.com.

      • Onsite Check
      • A&V Check
      • Assessed Supplier
      • Gold Supplier
  • Inspection

    Global sourcing is made possible by reliable inspection services.

    Alibaba.com lets you choose the inspection company to visit the factory or port, photograph the products, examine the certification and more.

    You can inspect goods and companies at a time and place of your choice.

    Organize an Inspection
  • Alibaba Logistics

    A logistics platform for companies large and small, using the scale of Alibaba.com to deliver peak season shipping and transparent prices.

    With global leaders like FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS and more as partners, we offer last-mile delivery and a selection of global shipping lines.

    Whether your goods were ordered on Alibaba.com or offline direct from the factory, Alibaba Logistics is open to everyone.

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  • Payment & Finance

    For safe, secure payment, think Secure Payment.
    For powerful trade financing, think e-Credit Line.

    Alibaba.com's Secure Payment service holds your payment until you confirm delivery and satisfaction. Peace of mind guaranteed.

    Learn More About Secure Payment

    e-Credit Line offers up to US $2,000,000 and 120 days of Open Account transactions to boost your global sourcing purchasing power.

    Launched in partnership with Bank of China and Sinosure, it's a highly effective import/export service designed to take your business to the next step.

    Your Secure Payment transactions allow you to accumulate Credit Points, and later you can exchange these for powerful financial reach.

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  • Making Business Easier

    These services all reflect our core mission - to make it easier for you to business anywhere.