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Some top tips for safe online trading on

In order to help our users make the most of Alibaba platform, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of the below tips on the trading process:

1. Finding Supplier

There are 2 kinds of suppliers on Free members and Gold suppliers. To find out which members are Gold Suppliers, look for the tag on product pages and company site.
Learn more about gold supplier membership ›

2. Communicating with Partners on offers two online tools to help you negotiate order details with partners: Trade Center and TradeManager.
Trade Center is an exclusive channel for buyers to track inquiries, chat with suppliers, manage order details and place orders online鈥攁ll in one place!

3. Order Payment

Trade partners ultimately agree on payment method. offers a number of online payment methods providing safeguards to buyers and suppliers alike. Trade Center orders are covered by Trade Assurance, which offers:
*100% product quality protection

*100% on-time shipment protection

*100% payment protection
To learn more about making payment on Trade Center, please click on the following button.
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4. Quality & Inspection

Consider trying Alibaba.com鈥檚 inspection service for orders shipped out of Mainland China.
Check out Inspection Service ›

5. Disputes

If you have a dispute that cannot be solved by discussing the issue with your partner, you can open a dispute and our professional Dispute Team will assist accordingly.
Learn about how to file a dispute ›