Who are Selected Suppliers?

Selected Suppliers are Alibaba.com members have been manually verified by the Wholesale team. They are also suppliers who have their own brands.

Selected Suppliers- Source Globally with More Confidence

  1. We ensure each supplier is an authentic company with a valid Business License, Tax License and a certificate with an organization code.
  2. We reject suppliers that are proven to be fraudulent and we remove any infringing products.
  3. Each supplier signs a letter of Quality Assurance and also the Wholesale Terms & Conditions with Alibaba.com Wholesale.
  4. Each supplier is provided with documents displaying their trademark logo. We verify all documents manually.


Alibaba.com does not make any representation of any kind or form whatsoever on the credibility, reliability, honesty, integrity, credit worthiness, or any kinds of traits or behaviors of the suppliers or any other users of the Alibaba.com platform. Neither the information contained herein shall constitute an advice, advertisement, recommendation, or invitation of any form for anyone to enter into transaction with any suppliers or other users of the Alibaba.com platform, in particulars the selected suppliers. To the maximum extent permitted by any applicable laws, Alibaba.com makes no representation and warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, adequacy, or fitness of purposes of the information contained or provided herein and makes no guarantee that any information relating to any supplier as displayed on the Alibaba.com platform is up-to-date. Furthermore, Alibaba.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning any product or services offered by anyone on the Alibaba.com platform.