Manage Orders Online with Trade Center

Trade Center allows you to manage the entire order process, get real-time updates,
as well as track the payment & shipping status of your orders.

How it works


Get Full Order Protection

Trade Assurance

Sourcing with a new supplier?
Use Trade Assurance to protect your orders.

A FREE Payment Protection Service

  • 100% Product quality protection
  • 100% On-time shipment protection
  • 100% Payment protection
To get full protection:
1. CONFIRM your order online with a Trade Assurance supplier.
2. PAY to the supplier’s account designated by
  • Inspection Service

    Alibaba Inspection Service assures product quality.

    The inspector will visit the factory or port, photograph the products & validate the certificate to ensure that the goods being produced and shipped reach quality standards.

  • e-Credit Line

    For powerful trade financing, think e-Credit Line.

    e-Credit Line is designed to finance purchases on from Chinese suppliers. You can obtain financial loans as long as the amount is over US $5,000 and if credit is available.

  • Logistics Service

    Ensure that your products get delivered to you. We offer transparent & competitive prices, online shipment tracking, guaranteed service delivery.

  • Business Identity Service

    Get verified and build trust with suppliers via Alibaba Business Identity Service. Displaying your verification status would increase response rate from suppliers.